Technical Support

The computer labs are administered by a group of experienced and well-trained computer lab administrators to ensure smooth operation of the lab activities. In addition, the computer labs are also supported by a group of skilled computer technicians who handle the various technical needs of the computer labs. They are backed-up by a team of qualified system engineers who handle the network and server requirements of the lab. 

The lab administrator will perform basic PC and printer preventive maintenance for all PCs in the computer labs on a weekly basis. Any faulty or malfunctioning PC will be repaired immediately during the preventive maintenance. In addition, the computer fault reporting form available at ITISC counters, enable staff and students to report on specific faulty PCs that required immediate attention. 

ITISC is also responsible for staff PC technical support. An ITISC service request form is available online for any staff to report on PC faults via the staff intranet. Technical service requested by staff will be attended to by a computer technician within 24 hours of reporting.

Furthermore, ITISC conducts monthly meetings where the technical unit leaders from all branch campuses will meet to report and share on technical issues encountered, and to discuss solutions and ideas for further improvement.