IT Infrastructure and Support Centre


IT Infrastructure and Support Centre 

The current rapid change of information and communications technologies (ICT) has played a significant role in our daily lives. ICT has not only changed the way humans live, work and entertain but the range of approaches to teaching, learning and research. ICT has become deeply embedded in the fabric of a contemporary university and the quality of ICT environment offered determines and affects, to a great extent, the way a university operates, faculty teaches, students learn and how they interact with each other.

UTAR is committed to providing quality ICT resources for both staff and students as part of its strategies to achieve its vision and mission. In fact, ICT has been identified as one of the key focus areas at the onset of establishment of the University.

ITISC is responsible for developing ICT resources required by the University including the IT infrastructure and providing the technical supports for the information, communications and management needs of the administration, faculty and students in fulfilling the daily teaching, learning and research activities of the University.

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